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Product Description

The Bunga Bunion Gel Cushion™ is an excellent way to the reduce pressure and pain caused by bunions and even help prevent them. This product has a molded gel cushion strategically attached to a thin, elastic sleeve. This gel covers and surrounds your bunion, helping to reduce pressure allowing inflammation to subside. When used continually, it will act as an effective skin moisturizer. 

Unit of Measure and Fit Guide

Sold individually. This product fits right or left feet. Simply place on your foot as shown in the illustration. This product is to be used on the medial side of either foot. Thus, it is for bunions on and near the "Big" toe.


The Bunga Bunion Cushion comes in two sizes, small and large. Please see the chart below to determine the closest fit for your foot.

Sizing Chart

  U.S.A. Europe Japan
 Women 7 37½ 23
 Men 37½ 23½
 Women 9 40 25
 Men 40 25½


 Alternative or Companion Products

Also, see the Bunga Toe Tubing in size large and the Bunionette Pad for a tailor's (small toe side) bunion.

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